The gradual reveal of the seventh generation of Pokémon continues. Six new Pokémon join the list of newcomers to Pokémon Sun and Moon.


pokemon sun and moonType: Bug/Water

The Turn Tail Pokémon looks like a horseshoe crab. It’s also going to be a pain to catch thanks to its Wimp Out Ability causing it to run away when it takes too much damage. Its dual Bug/Water typing is also rare, previously only seen in Surskit.



pokemon sun and moonType: Grass

The adorable Fruit Pokémon bounces along the ground and gives off a pleasing aroma. Why would you battle such a thing? You heartless monster.



pokemon sun and moonType: Fairy

With the Alola Region’s tropical island theme, I suppose a lei Pokémon was inevitable. Comfey is a Fairy type with a nifty new defensive Ability called Triage. Its healing moves always go first in battle.



pokemon sun and moonType: Ground

Animal + Element/Mineral is the standard go-to when creating Pokémon. But a grand, beautiful clydesdale horse with…mud? Digging those dreadlocks though! The Draft Horse Pokémon is a physical powerhouse. Its brand new Stamina Ability raises its Defense every time it’s attacked.



pokemon sun and moonType: Ghost/Fairy

The Disguise Pokémon has already proven popular with the fans with its faux Pikachu costume. I find it creepy. It’s the first ever Ghost/Fairy type. Its disguise actually functions as a unique new Ability, letting it dodge a single attack in battle.



pokemon sun and moonType: Normal/Fighting

This big teddy bear just wants to hug you, with only a slight mauling to follow up. The Strong Arm Pokémon can possess the new Fluffy Ability. This halves the damage from direct attacks, but doubles damage from fire. Don’t light your stuffed animals on fire, kids.

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