When the sudden, shocking news hit that Disney Infinity would close its doors this year, Finding Dory’s tie-in Playset was to be the final release. The Pixar sequel was released last Friday. Today marks the official final release for a Disney Infinity product.

The Finding Dory Play Set comes packaged with a Dory figure as well as new levels that take place around the Marine Life Institute featured in the movie. Set after the events of the film, the game has Dory, Nemo, and friends coming to the aid of lost fish after a flood. Players solve puzzles and can build a custom reef for the rescued fish. The Play Set will introduce swimming gameplay to Disney Infinity for the first time. An all-new gameplay mechanic being introduced at the very end is a bit depressing.

finding dory

Also being released is a Nemo figure. Oddly the Play Set comes with only a single figure, while most Disney Infinity Play Sets included two. Nemo thus becomes the final stand-alone figure to be released. Apparently an upcoming Dr. Strange figure was created that we’ll never see.

The “Finding Dory” film was superb, easily one of Pixar’s best. The sequel focused completely on Dory’s emotional and psychological journey, and treated her disability with maturity and respect. It’s also delightfully funny and exciting.

While I doubt the Play Set will carry the same gravitas, Disney Infinity Play Sets have done an admirable job allowing you to play within the worlds of these movies. I have personally enjoyed playing Disney Infinity 3.0 with my young daughter, and am saddened to see its end.

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