Activision Blizzard have announced that Skylanders Academy will premiere in Fall 2016 on Netflix. The new animated series is based on the popular toys-to-life gaming franchise. It is the first production from the company’s TV and film studio, Activision Blizzard Studios. The Netflix series will last for at least two seasons.

“We couldn’t have found a better home for Skylanders Academy,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “We look forward to sharing our extraordinary characters with Netflix audiences around the world.”

Activision Blizzard Studios was formed last year to create new media content based on the company’s own franchises. The original toys-to-life series has raked in billions since its inception in 2011. It’s no surprise that a Skylanders TV tie-in show would be their first production.

“Our mission is to work with our extraordinary portfolio of franchises and bring it to broader audiences on new platforms,” said Activision Blizzard Studios Co-President Nick van Dyk. “We’re excited to reach this strategic partnership and for the future of Skylanders Academy.”

skylanders academy

The show will be produced by Eric Rogers (Futurama). It stars many familiar characters in its main cast, including Spyro (Justin Long), Stealth Elf (Ashely Tisdale), and Glumshanks (Norm MacDonald – BRILLIANT). The fun cast includes Susan Sarandon, Daniel Wu, Parker Posey, and James Hetfield. The animation will be done by French studio TeamTO.

“We’re inspired by our fans’ excitement for these characters,” said Co-President Stacey Sher. “We have worked hard to bring these characters to life with stories our fans will love.”

No firm date was given beyond Fall 2016. The games have always used a fun, Saturday Morning Cartoon theme. They are filled with action, adventure, and humor. A well-produced cartoon could be just what the Dr. Krankcase ordered.

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