When Heavy Rain was released in 2010 it was unlike anything else we’d seen, a game based so much on decisions that it had more than 10 different endings. Detroit is the next game from Heavy Rain’s developer Quantic Dream, and it looks to be even more diversified.

Detroit is set in a future, well…Detroit (which has morphed into a booming metropolis) where androids have been created to help humans in a number of tasks, including childcare according to the trailer. But some of the androids have grown displeased with their place in the world and have started to act on those feelings.

The trailer shows us a hostage situation where an angry android is holding a little girl on the edge of the top of a tall building. Another android, named Connor, has been sent in to negotiate with the hostage taker. We see the events play out, but then the trailer backs up showing us all of the little decisions that led to that outcome, and how that outcome can be changed by choosing to make a different decision. The final parts of the trailer show a complicated tree of decisions and the different outcomes they produce.

A teaser trailer for Detroit was released last year. That trailer, while still having the setting of androids and their plight, followed a completely different character. The game will feature the decisions of multiple characters with each having an impact on the ending, like Heavy Rain did.

Like a number of games we’ve seen during the show, no release date was given.

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