The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was an immensely popular game. But Gwent, a card game within that game became very popular as well, which is not something the developers were expecting. But they’re building on that popularity by creating a more robust, standalone game of its own.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a collectible card game, but not like the many CCGs we’ve been hearing about lately. The game is played using 10 cards in three sets with a variety of points. Each turn you play a card in its responding set or pass your turn. The goal is to have more points than your opponent. It sounds straightforward, but it’s a lot about strategy. Some cards will have special abilities that allow them to be used in ways that build up your points or lower your opponent’s.

Gwent will have a single-player campaign in addition to a multiplayer mode. The campaign will be episodic and will contain elements of choice that influence the outcome just like in the Witcher games.

The game is currently in closed Beta with no release date. The official site reads, “We plan to go out of beta when the game is feature-rich, polished and tested sufficiently. Consequently, we’ll launch when we feel we’re ready to give you a game that rocks!”

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