Fallout 4 has been a huge success since it was released late last year. After winning numerous awards and selling lots of copies, the world of the game is about to expand even further. Bethesda announced three new add-ons coming to the game later this year. Some of the content was inspired by the creativity of players who have made exciting changes to the game through mods.

The first DLC is called Contraptions Workshop. This add-on enables you to build a wide variety of machines and gadgets to help streamline your life in the wasteland. Some of the items in the DLC include elevators, greenhouse kits, warehouse kits, fireworks, and armor racks. Contraptions Workshop is slated for release later this month for $4.99. Anyone who purchased the Season Pass will get the DLC for free.

The next DLC is called Vault-Tec Workshop and sounds super cool. This add-on allows you to build your own vault and attract wasteland inhabitants and run experiments on them, of course. Some of the items include pre-war industrial kits complete with retro-nostalgic furniture, lighting, and art. Vault-Tec Workshop is slated for release in July and carries the same price as the previous DLC.

The final DLC is called Nuka World. What is Nuka World? It’s an amusement park, of course. This DLC introduces the new location with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom and the Galactic Zone. Nuka World also comes with new quests and weapons. This DLC is scheduled for release this August and will cost $19.99, but it’s included in the season pass. Nuka World will be the last official update to the game, but players can continue to create mods that players can enjoy.

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