Fallout Shelter was Bethesda’s first foray into the free-to-play mobile space. The game became a huge hit. In fact more than 50 million people have played the game. Now Bethesda is giving the game a big update and bringing the game to PC.

The big update introduces an entirely new feature in the form of Quests. Now Overseers can take control of vault dwellers and follow them outside the vault to various locations. Before you could only send vault residents out on their own and wait for them to return, hopefully. The new Quest system allows you to form a party of multiple dwellers to take on challenges. You also have more control over each dweller, with the ability to select enemies to attack. There will also be small mini-games to help determine the amount of damage the attack will do.

The update to the game will be available in July.

Besides the big update for the mobile game, Bethesda also announced a PC version will be available as a free download from Bethesda’s website sometime in the future.



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