The biggest Toys to Life brand is poised to take on the collectible card genre. Skylanders Battlecast launches today for iOS, Android, and Amazon tablets and mobile devices. The free-to-play card game mixes physical and digital cards with augmented reality. Skylanders Battlecast includes a single player campaign, daily quests, achievements, and online multiplayer.

“Skylanders Battlecast is an amazing new innovation,” says Josh Taub, Senior VP of Product Management, Activision. “Our mobile card game offers players not only a collectible experience but also augmented reality, PvP, and an exciting single-player campaign.”

Skylanders Battlecast draws much of its gameplay from parent company Activision’s successful digital card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Matches are fast 1 on 1 battles with gear and spells drawn from cards. Instead of static cards hitting each other, however, Skylanders “spring to life” and attack in full 3D.

skylanders battlecast batle packThe initial release comes with 300 Character, Spell, Gear, and Relic cards to collect. Players familiar to the collectible card genre will recognize card rarities. In Battlecast they are Common, Rare, Epic, and Ultimate. Special high level foil variants also exist.

Uniquely to Skylanders Battlecast, cards can be bought digitally as well as in physical packs. These cards can be scanned and added into your deck – imitating the Toys to Life phenomenon that Skylanders is known for. Note that once a card has been scanned it cannot be traded or scanned again.

Cards can be earned through in-game coins as well as purchased for real money. Battle packs include 22 cards for $9.99, while Booster packs have eight cards for $4.99.

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