Gigantic was one of my favorite games from last year’s PAX Prime. The cooperative 3rd person MOBA was actually one of the most fun games I had played in a while. I was psyched about the game. Then it kind of fell off the radar. But now it’s back thanks to Perfect World Entertainment partnering with developer Motiga.

Perfect World is the publisher of Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. The Motiga team will be able to take advantage of Perfect World’s knowledge and release Gigantic on more versions of Windows. The game had previously been exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox One.

“This partnership is a huge step for Motiga, as it allows us to continue working towards realizing the vision the development team had for Gigantic – a great competitive online game,” said Motiga representative Chris Chung in a post on Motiga’s website. “We have so much to learn over the coming weeks, and we are uncovering new and exciting opportunities with our partners at Perfect World every single day. Their commitment to a quality player experience has been refreshing and rewarding for the entire team.”

The partnership means Gigantic will be playable on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 in addition to Windows 10. The game will also still be coming to Xbox One. The development of Gigantic has been somewhat rocky. The game was originally slated for release last year, but feedback from a beta made Motiga push the game to this year. I participated (or tried to participate) in the beta after PAX Prime, but I wasn’t able to find a match and the game seemed really rough, even for a beta. I’m pretty happy Motiga is getting the help they need to make Gigantic a reality.


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