Nintendo and The Pokémon Company just released a new trailer for Pokémon Sun/Moon. The trailer mainly shows off the initial three starter pokémon you get to choose from. As is tradition since the very first game you can choose between Grass, Fire, and Water types.

Rowlet is an owl Grass/Flying type, Litten is a Fire kitty, and Popplio is a clownish sea lion of the Water type. More details on each starter can be found on the main Pokémon website.

We also get our first look at the world of Pokémon Sun/Moon. The setting looks inspired from tropical locations, specifically Pacific Islands. Most Pokémon games have a clear inspiration for their fictional regions. Pokémon X/Y’s Kalos Region for example was inspired by French cities and countryside.

Before the trailer ends we get a brief tease of the legendary “mascot” pokémon found on the cover of both new games. The internet is already aflame over the typing and abilities of the regal white lion and bat-like winged creatures.

Pokémon Sun/Moon will debut as the 7th generation of core Pokémon games. Last year was one of the few years without a main Pokémon title. The last main Pokémon games were AlphaRed/OmegaSapphire, remakes of the 3rd generation games. It’s been three years since the release of Generation Six’s Pokémon X/Y, the first Pokémon title on Nintendo 3DS and the first to bring the franchise into 3D.

Pokémon Sun/Moon will continue to bring fans into a fully rendered 3D world on Nintendo 3DS. The games launch on November 18 in the US (Nov 23 in Europe).

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