Blizzard is getting ready to release the latest Hearthstone expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. The expansion is changing things up quite a bit. Now Blizzard has announced that they’ve done a review of the game’s basic and classic cards, and there are quite a few changes that will be made there as well.

“It took much careful consideration to arrive here, but we believe that—between our own analysis and reading plenty of community feedback—we’ve identified the right cards to change,” says the post on the official site.

Here are the details on some of the changes.

The Druid, Hunter, and Rogue classes are seeing changes to class-specific cards, while the other changes are being made to neutral cards. The Druid is the most affected by these changes. Three Druid cards are getting a switch-up. Ancient of Lore, Force of Nature and Keeper of the Grove will all be different going forward.

Perhaps the biggest change is to the Force of Nature card, which previously summoned three 2/2 minions with charge. Those minions would die at the end of the turn regardless of their health. But there was a powerful combination if a player could play Force of Nature, followed by Savage Roar, which gives all of your minions two additional attack for that turn. That means you’d have the ability to do at least 14 damage during a single turn, when you add in the hero attack. If this combo was played late in the game, it almost always meant a win for the Druid.  Now Force of Nature costs less, but the three minions lose charge. However they are now permanent.


An example of a Force of Nature-Savage Roar combo

The Rogue-specific card Blade Flurry, which allows a player to destroy their weapon and deal its attack to all enemies, is being changed to only attack all minions and not the hero.

As far as the neutral cards go, both Knife Juggler and Leper Gnome are having their attacks reduced by one. And the Arcane Golem is losing charge but getting some extra health.

The Whispers of the Old Gods expansion is set to be released on April 26.


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