Nintendo has been at the center of a whirlwind of rumors this week. First Nikkei said that production of the Wii U would stop this year. Then some photos of the supposed controller for Nintendo’s new console started to floating around the Internet. Now, the makers of those photos have come forward and said they were both fake.

According Polygon, the first photo came from a Reddit user who used Photoshop to mock up the image of a 3D model. He told Polygon he was using Nintendo’s patent filing. He also said he was “amazed” at how much recognition the photo got from gamers.

Then another photo surfaced that looked much clearer and more legitimate than the first. But alas, that one was a fake as well. A thread on NeoGaf discussing the new photo had more than 1 million views and 10,000 posts. The man behind the second photo said he used an actual object from a 3D printer to make the controller look more realistic. That user told Polygon that he’s sorry if he “got some people’s hopes up.”

We still don’t know anything about Nintendo’s new console, code named the NX. Lots of speculation has been flying around thanks to images in the patent filing. Nintendo said they would be revealing the console at some point this year, but has not said when it will actually be released.

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