Japanese news outlet Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo will end all production of the Wii U at some point this year. The report also says Nintendo has already stopped production on a number of Wii U accessories.

Nikkei has been a fairly reputable and accurate source for information about Nintendo in the past. However, this story is unconfirmed. If it’s true, it would be somewhat of a first for Nintendo. All of the previous consoles had continued to be produced for a time after their successors had been released.  Though Nintendo has confirmed that it’s working on a new console, code-named NX, there’s no guarantee that it will be released this year.

Overall, the Wii U has been a disappointment in the sales department. The console has lagged far behind its current gen counterparts, PS4 and Xbox One. According to a story on Polygon, the Wii U has sold 12 million units, whereas the Wii sold more than 100 million units.

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