The next installment in Telltale Games’ Minecraft Story Mode will be available later this month. Titled Order Up, this fifth episode will continue the Wither Storm story arc. Telltale also revealed that three new adventures have been planned for Minecraft Story Mode, as well.

In Order Up, players will continue to follow Jesse and the NEW Order of the Stone as they travel to an abandoned temple that allegedly holds vast treasures. After being ambushed the order will find themselves in an entirely new location called Sky City.  Aiden will continue to make things difficult for the order by telling the rulers of Sky City that the order is up to no good.

Besides Order Up, there will be three new adventures added to Minecraft Story Mode later this year. The only details we have are that the new episodes (6, 7, and 8) will follow the order as they explore more new worlds. Order Up will be the bridge between the Wither Storm story and new stories in the future episodes.

The first installment of Minecraft Story Mode was released last year, and critics and fans have enjoyed the series. The voice cast includes some well-known Hollywood talent, including comedian Patton Oswald. Order Up will introduce new characters, one of which will be voiced by Sean Astin, who played the role of Samwell in the Lord of the Rings and also starred in the ’80s popular movie, Goonies.

Order Up will be released on March 29, and the other new episodes will follow later this year.

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