With the huge success of Hearthstone, it’s only natural that other game developers will try to copy its massive appeal. That’s exactly what the developers at PopCap are doing with their own beloved franchise in the form of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

The new mobile game, which is set for release some time in 2016, will introduce some new characters and give the players the chance to play as Plants or Zombies and compete in multiplayer matches against other players. The announcement on  the official website says,

“With Garden Warfare, our goal was to create an awesome new way to play with all of your favorite PvZ characters in a brand new setting – something completely new and fresh from the tower-defense genre. It was a big change and we were so humbled when millions of people played the game and had such positive feedback. So, naturally, we set out to do it again! Our team has been hard at work to give players another brand new way to have fun with your favorite Plants vs. Zombies characters.”

Some of the new characters will be “Superhero” plants and zombies. Two that were mentioned were the Green Shadow, which is a pea shooter with a special blast attack and the Impfinity, which has the ability to clone Imps. If you’re a Hearthstone player, all of this will probably sound very familiar to you. Some easy parallels can be seen between the Green Shadow and Hearthstone’s Mage, and the Impfinity with Hearthstone’s Paladin. Even the word “heroes,” common as it is, appears in both games’ titles. The full name of Hearthstone is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

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