Rocket League, the crazy vehicle soccer hybrid game from Psyonix, will be making its way to Xbox One. Rocket League already has a community of more than 11 million and has been a runaway hit on PlayStation 4 and PC. The Xbox One version comes with some extra features like new cars with new accessories.

Rocket League only cost about $2 million to develop, but it’s pulled in almost $50 million according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. It’s become so popular that it was asked by Universal Pictures to add the Back to the Future DeLorean to its lineup of cars. The game also took away the Best Sports/Racing game at the Game Awards, beating out some big name competition like FIFA 16.

Rocket League was offered as a free download for PlayStation Plus members last summer, which helped spread its name. YouTube and Twitch personalities also picked up the game, adding to its popularity.

The game developer actually made a similar game before releasing Rocket League, but that one didn’t get any traction at all, despite a small community that absolutely loved it. That’s when the team realized it wasn’t the quality of their game that was the problem. It was the marketing. That’s why the developer chose to make it a free download.  And it seems that strategy worked.

The game will be coming to the Xbox One on Feb. 17.


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