If you’re a Final Fantasy fan with an iPhone or an Android phone, there’s good news for you. Square-Enix launched Final Fantasy IX on mobile devices today.

Final Fantasy IX was released in 2000 for the original PlayStation. Like all Final Fantasy games, it’s a role-playing game with turned-based combat. The story follows a variety of characters as they travel around the world of Gaia, parts of which have been covered in a mist. The primary antagonist is a character named Kuja, who is bent on destroying the world, as most bad guys do.

This version of the game will have new features, including achievements and the option for high-speed or no encounters. Random encounters happen while traveling throughout the world. These can be annoying if you’re trying to get somewhere, but they can also be useful in leveling up your characters so the bigger enemies you’re required to fight my be a bit easier.

Final Fantasy IX isn’t the only Final Fantasy game to find its way onto mobile devices. A number of the earlier games have appeared as well.

A PC version of Final Fantasy IX is also on its way, though no release date has been confirmed. The mobile version is available for purchase now for a discounted price of $16.99. That price will last through Feb. 21.



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