The results are in, and Disney and Activision can cry tears of shame tonight because Pixelkin readers like amiibos more than any other toys-to-life franchise.

Which is weird, because honestly amiibos aren’t even a singular franchise. Or a game. In fact, I barely think they qualify as toys-to-life—at least in their current state.

But hey, we gave you the option and you took it!

In our poll, we asked what toys-to-life franchise you liked best: Skylanders, Disney Infinity, amiibos, or LEGO Dimensions. Amiibos won by a sizable margin. The full results are here:

toys to life poll results


As a lover of Skylanders myself, I’m quite simply horrified, offended, repulsed, and in physical agony. No big deal, guys, it’s fine, I’ll get over it.

We’ve got reviews for all the latest toys-to-life games on the site, and you can read them linked here:

There is, of course, no review for amiibos because they’re not a game. You can, however, read about their poor implementation in games like Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (alternately titled: Animal Crossing: Capitalism), and their admittedly fantastic use in games like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

In all seriousness, there is a reason why amiibos are a top seller for Nintendo, and it’s because people can’t get enough of them.

Our next poll is about what games you’re looking forward to in 2016. Stay tuned for the results!

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