Today’s nominee for “worst thing” is certainly the fake Minecraft 2 app that managed to make it into the App Store.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2, which is selling for $10.99, is not a sequel to the mobile version of Minecraft, but instead a “crudely made swipe app pitting zombies against a Mortal Kombat character.” Wesley Yin-Poole at Eurogamer said he bought and played the game for a few minutes before it crashed his phone so yeah, not only is the app trying to ride Minecraft’s coattails, it’s not even good.

However, it’s in the top 10 grossing apps right now! For shame.

Mojang, the company which originally put out Minecraft, is working to get the fake app taken down.

“It’s great that Minecraft has inspired people to create amazing things, but when a product attempts to dupe our community or exploit their enthusiasm for the game, it’s our responsibility to step in,” Mojang’s Owen Hill told Eurogamer.

While Mojang has discussed making a Minecraft 2, that decision is up to Microsoft now and there’s certainly no legitimate app or game bearing that name.

Apple has not yet responded to customer concerns over the misleading app, but is generally responsive to taking down apps like this one which infringe on a creator’s property. Hopefully everyone will get their money back.

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