Finally, we’re going to be able to buy the hybrid amiibos/Skylanders without the Wii or Wii U Starter Pack for Skylanders SuperChargers.

Activision is releasing “Nintendo SuperCharged Combo Packs,” which contain one “Skymiibo” and the corresponding vehicle. There will be one for Donkey Kong and the Barrel Blaster and one for Bowser and the Clown Cruiser.

These come out on January 9. Previously the only way to get these Skymiibo was by purchasing a Starter Pack for Skylanders SuperChargers for Wii U and the Wii or Nintendo 3DS, since Bowser only came in the Wii version.

These Nintendo Combo Packs will cost $24.99 regularly. Racing Action Packs for Skylanders SuperChargers cost $34.99, but also include a racing trophy and tracks, as well as a character and vehicle.

Speaking of trophies, GameStop will also be selling the Kaos Trophy that was previously only available in the Dark Edition Starter Pack. This allows players to defeat and play as Kaos in races.

You can see the fliers that GameStop released with all its post-holiday sale informaton, including the Nintendo Combo Packs, at Skylanders Inquirer.

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