Leonardo's Cat Review: There’s More Than One Way to Launch a Cat

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The newest app from StoryToys, Leonardo’s Cat, had to advertise just one thing to get me to buy it immediately: narration by Patrick Stewart. It turns out that in addition to the magnificent voiceover work you’d expect from Stewart, the game itself is an enchanting app for both parents and kids.

Your job in Leonardo’s Cat is to get the title feline, Scungilli, from point A to point B in order to fetch all of the pieces of Leonardo’s missing invention.

If your kids love physics in games like Angry Birds, they’ll immediately feel at home in Leonardo’s Cat. Choose from a limited selection of tools to plan his path, and then tap the tool to set the right trajectory for the unflappable cat to go up, over, and through obstacles and traps. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, until Scungilli reaches his goal.

Leonardo’s Cat encourages experimentation by giving several options to complete each level. You might choose to launch the cat up on a high path, or attempt to navigate beneath the platforms. Kids will love testing out their choices and tweaking each tool to complete the level with Scungilli safe and sound.

The game itself is gorgeous, with soft, warm brown hues and detailed backgrounds for each level. The music and sound effects are light and airy, and not blasted on monotonous repeat that you have to suffer through while the kids play.

But it’s not just the kids who will enjoy Leonardo’s Cat. While the app is aimed at kids 6 to 8 years old, grownups might also find themselves trying to launch Scungilli over that last wall. There are 60 levels of puzzles for you and the kids to navigate, along with lighthearted cut scenes featuring the mesmerizing voice of Patrick Stewart, and all for just $2.99—that’s a lot of bang for your app bucks.

Leonardo’s Cat is now available for iOS for $2.99.

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