The new Minecraft update coming for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS Vita is going to be huge.

It contains a bunch of new biomes to explore, including Mesa, Mega Taiga, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Forest, Savanna, Extreme Hills+, Deep Ocean, and Snowless Taiga.

And of course, there are new mobs to entertain you. Endermites, Guardians and Elder Guardians, Chicken Jockeys, and even rabbits will be appearing.

A few changes have been made to rebalance the game as well.

  • Casting enchantments will now consume lapis lazuli, and the enchanting process itself has been tweaked.
  • The Villagers have more professions and will harvest planted crops. You can breed them (which is honestly a little weird) by giving them 3 bread, 12 carrots or 12 potatoes. Also, when they get struck by lightning they’ll turn into witches, which sucks.
  • The Witches can now drink Water Breathing potions underwater! But they might also drop the potion upon death on rare occasions.
  • Nether portals can be constructed in any rectangular configuration, and if they’re big enough, ghasts will come through from the Nether. So watch out for that one.
  • Some new blocks are obtainable by crafting or smelting. The Moss Stone, Mossy Stone Bricks and Chiseled Stone Bricks can be crafted. Cracked Stone Bricks and Sponge can be smelted in a furnace. Sponges are also being brought back to Survival Mode, and will turn into Wet Sponges when water touches them. (Just like real sponges!)
  • And finally, Zombie Pigmen are now capable of forgiveness. As long as you get out of their aggro range first.

Check out the rest of the patch notes on the Minecraft forum.

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