Fallout 4‘s first patch has arrived, bearing bug-fixes, better performance, and the end of the infinite money glitch.

Digital Foundry has just released a technical analysis of the game on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4, evidently, is performing a lot better than on Xbox One.

“The good news is PS4’s improvements aren’t limited to one targeted section, but rather, the game at large is now better optimized for Sony’s machine,” Digital Foundry says. “In particular, any combat that puts a strain on PS4’s memory bandwidth–via the usual flurry of effects-work–now gets a marked boost on patch 1.02. The gains are remarkable in one early Deathclaw battle for example, going from lengthy lulls at 25fps and under when using the mini-gun on nearby sandbags, to a practically faultless 30fps with the update.”

While high-impact areas like Diamond City are still seeing framerate drops, the patch has brought more reliability to battles.

“As the PS4’s version’s primary weakness at launch–particularly in comparison to Xbox One’s 30fps delivery in this scene–the frame-rate boost in battles is a big deal. Drops are still an issue of course, and an encounter with Paladin Danse outside the Cambridge police station has PS4 and Xbox One dropping under 30fps. However, it’s a clear benefit for PS4 compared to the launch day’s patch’s mid-20fps delivery. And between the two fully-patched versions, frame-rates are now equal, or in several cases during the Corvega section, much smoother on PS4 in identical tests.”

That being said, the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 still has its particular problems. With the stock Xbox One HDD, players can experience a 0fps stutter when moving between skyscrapers in Diamond City, or drawing weapons in combat.

Bethesda will continue releasing updates for Fallout 4, along with DLC as well.

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