Episode 4 of Minecraft: Story Mode is officially coming out on December 22! The fourth episode will wrap up the saga of Jesse and their friends versus the Wither Storm that’s been tearing up the land.

Jesse’s crew has to find a way to destroy the Wither Storm’s command block, and that’s what the rest of the journey is all about. According to a press release from Telltale Games, this will be the Final Battle–at least, as far as the Wither Storm is concerned.

A mysterious fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode will be released in 2016.

“If Episode Four will end the story of the Wither Storm, what does that mean for Episode Five? We wouldn’t dare spoil that for you here, but you can expect to have a better idea of what’s to come for the Order of the Stone after playing Episode Four,” the release reads.

Minecraft: Story Mode is available on PC and Mac via the Telltale Online Store as well as Steam. It’s also downloadable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and for iOS and Android.

Minecraft: Story Mode

A disc version of Minecraft: Story Mode came out containing the first episode, with a Season Pass for the rest of them included. If you have that, you can download the new episode when it comes out via an online update.

Minecraft: Story Mode has followed the quest of Jesse and their group of loser-ish friends as they become the only heroes who can save the world from a horrible, overgrown Wither. Along the way they reunite a group of legendary heroes called The Order of the Stone. You can read our review of the first episode now. Another review of the full series will be published when it ends.

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