Got ideas for Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality system? If so, get ready to be excited, because Microsoft has just launched a new website where you can submit ideas for new apps.

We’ve seen some pretty spiffy demos of the HoloLens in action, most notably the Minecraft Demo during last year’s E3. But the HoloLens is designed to be used for a lot of things besides gaming, such as interactive teaching tools, advanced communication programs, and even tools for astronauts.

Submitting your idea can result in an entire Microsoft team developing your app with your input throughout the process. The top three submissions will be up for a vote on Twitter to win this coveted prize.

Even if you don’t make it into the top three, you’ll get some feedback on your idea from the HoloLens community, and then when the source code is opened up to everyone (no date given) you’ll theoretically be able to make your app yourself.

You can submit an idea up until January 16. If you don’t have an idea, you can still go to the site and begin to vote on ideas or see what other people are proposing. At the time this story was written the most popular game-related ideas are a real world Cortana you could talk to just like in Halo, and a League of Legends Match Viewer that would let you see all the details of any games you’ve decided to watch.

There’s even an idea for holographic board games, just like you see C3PO and Chewy playing in Star Wars.

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