Sago Sago produces some of the most popular apps for preschoolers. They’re a sister company to Toca Boca, another great app developer. The latest app from Sago Sago was released on October 8 and it continues the cute exploration and creativity apps that have been part of the Sago Mini line. My daughter really enjoys these apps. We’ve covered some of Sago Sago’s other apps in a previous installment of Ana’s Apps. Here’s a look at the latest.

Sago Mini Babies

Like its sister apps in the Sago Mini line, Sago Mini Babies features four characters—Robin (a bird), Jinja (a cat), Harvey (a dog), and Jack (a rabbit). But this time around they’re all babies. You have the ability to play as any of the characters as they crawl or hop through a house and into the backyard. The activities in the game line up with things that caring for a real baby would entail. You have the chance to give baths, play with blocks and instruments, and even change diapers. The latter is done by a robot. I wish I would have had one of those to help me when my daughter was still in diapers.

As in other Sago Mini Apps, you can interact with lots of things in the environment, but a star designates a special activity. In my opinion the coolest activity was the dress-up closet. After changing your baby into any outfit you choose, you can take a picture. Because all parents take pictures of their kids in ridiculous outfits. This picture will then appear in one of the frames outside the closet. And these will continue to change as long as you keep taking pictures.

I also discovered a cute little interaction that most kids would probably not stumble upon. At any time you can pick the babies up by their diapers and swing them around. This is not the most caring thing to do, but as an adult, I found it to be entertaining to fling the babies through the air and watch their face smack into the ground. I’m a terrible person, I know. But when you play as many preschool apps as I have, a little bit of extra fun is more than welcome.

There’s not a lot of educational value in Sago Mini Babies, but that’s not what the app was designed for. Nurturing a baby is something that is almost universally mimicked by kids during their early years. That’s why dolls and stuffed animals are so popular (except for the adults who collect them as well. I am not one of those adults. I swear.)

The Cost

Sago Mini Babies is available for $2.99 with no in-app purchases and no third-party advertisements. Small ads for other Sago Mini apps will appear in the bottom right hand corner on the start screen.

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