Splatoon is Nintendo’s popular and colorful ink-shooter game released this year. You play as an Inkling—a cross between a squid and a kid—who shoots ink through various kinds of weapons and has an impeccable fashion sense. In yesterday’s Nintendo Direct announcement, Nintendo announced yet another free update for Splatoon—a game that’s already received dozens of free updates.

This update includes two new stages and a bunch of equipment. The Museum D’Alfosino, an art museum, has a bunch of revolving obstacles. And Mahi-Mahi Resort has platforms that submerge and reappear.

There will also be 40 new pieces of gear available, and Nintendo promises more updates to come, “at least until next January.” The updates will include new stages, new gear, and adjustments to the gameplay balance. As of tonight, all of the updates will be available.

splatoon gear

Some of the new gear available today.

Nintendo also announced “Splatournament,” a Splatoon tournament that will happen on December 2. More details will be coming soon to the official Splatoon site.

Recently Nintendo gave Splatoon credit for reviving sales of its Wii U console and pushing the unit count over 10 million sold. Splatoon sold 1.62 million units within the first month of its release. It “contributed to vitalizing the Wii U platform,” Nintendo said in a review of its financial highlights.

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