Hey y’all, we’re giving away a copy of Skylanders SuperChargers for the PlayStation 4.

Yup, you heard me right.

I reviewed this game for Pixelkin and I really enjoyed playing it—especially when I was playing with my friends. In fact, one of my biggest complaints with it was simply the prohibitive cost. With that in mind, there’s no better way to get your hands on SuperChargers than through a giveaway.

Skylanders SuperChargers came out on September 20 for basically every console known to man. It pits the player against the very evil Kaos, who is now trying to destroy the Skylands outright with the help of the Darkness.

SuperChargers has an adventure component, which can be played with two players sharing a screen. This was basically the best. In the driving sequences, you share a car. One player drives, and the other shoots enemies with your weapon.

In the Racing Mode of Skylanders SuperChargers, you can race split-screen against each other, or you can race against opponents online. It’s basically a whole second game. There are lots of add-ons to buy to get the whole racing mode, and for me that was a bit of a strike against the game. However, with this Starter Pack, you’ll get access to at least the first two land races.

Speaking of this Starter Pack, check out my unboxing video!

You have till November 15 to enter this giveaway. It takes like, five seconds to enter so check it out, and you might be the very happy owner of Skylanders SuperChargers, without even fighting someone in the aisles of Toys”R”Us on Black Friday.

As always, have fun!

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