What’s in the box?

Skylanders SuperChargers is the newest game in the Skylanders series, but the Starter Pack looks pretty familiar. Here’s what we’ve got.

Standard Starter Pack:

  • Game disc
  • Spitfire figure
  • Stealth Elf figure
  • Hot Streak vehicle
  • New Portal of Power
  • Poster of collectibles
  • Skylanders Battlecast Cards: Stealth Elf and Spitfire
  • Instructions (bye!)

This new Portal of Power is a bit bigger than old ones; that’s so that you can put two vehicles on it for local co-op racing. Other than that, it just looks different. If you buy the Digital Portal Owner’s Pack you can play Skylanders SuperChargers with your old Portal of Power. It should work just fine.

The Battlecast cards belong to a digital trading card game that comes out in 2016. This will be an alternate reality game where you can collect physical or digital Skylanders, and battle your friends with them. Sort of Pokemon meets Hearthstone.

The cards we got in this pack are Spitfire and Stealth Elf. It seems pretty likely that Activision will be selling Battlecast cards along with physical action figures for Skylanders, so you might not need to worry about spending extra on card packs.

The Spitfire action figure is gorgeous, by the way. He has translucent flame wings and claws, and he looks ready to kick some butt. On the road, that is. His wings, claws, and tail match the wheels on the Hot Streak vehicle. The detail in these figures is great.

The contents of this Starter Pack are all you’ll need to finish the Adventure Mode of the game. That campaign can be played with one or two players, sharing a screen.There is also a split-screen racing mode, and online 4-player races.

Of course, the included poster shows you every single Skylander you can buy for the game so far. This is the first wave of figures for Skylanders SuperChargers; more will probably be on the way either for the holiday or the beginning of 2016.

There are a few other Starter Packs for Skylanders SuperChargers. The ones for Nintendo consoles contain the amiibo/Skylander hybrid figures in place of Spitfire and Hot Streak. There are also the Dark Edition Starter Packs that contain color variants. Choose wisely.

Skylanders SuperChargers came out on September 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Xbox 360. Later this year it will come out for iOS, and the new Apple TV.

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