Xbox One’s Elite Controller is completely sold-out in retail, so until Microsoft restocks the best place to get it is through console bundles like this one through GameStop.

GameStop is also offering a few other Xbox One bundles that include a free Xbox One controller–though not the Elite Controller.

The Elite Controller was first announced at E3 2015. It has interchangeable parts, and can be adapted to different hand-sizes and input preferences. It also costs $149.99.

If you though no one would pay that much just for a controller, well, the market seems to have spoken. We don’t know how many Elite Controllers were produced for the pre-order period, but they stopped being available for pre-order the weekend before they came out, according to GamesBeat. The website spoke to several GameStop outlets and confirmed that each store only received enough controllers to fulfill pre-orders at launch.

A Microsoft spokesperson told GamesBeat that the controllers will be back on shelves by December 1, and should be available as a holiday gift. Ideally for Microsoft, they’ll be in the wild by Black Friday.

If you don’t have an Xbox One and want the Elite Controller, we do recommend that GameStop bundle. It has a 1TB hard drive Xbox One, as opposed to the regular 500GB one. It includes the Elite Controller, and because of the bundle will also include a regular Xbox One controller. These usually cost $59.99.

Having two controllers means yep, more couch co-op and multiplayer games. The Elite Controller works with the Xbox One, and Windows 10 machines. And apparently the price isn’t just talk. GamesBeat writer Jeff Grubb called it the “best controller” that he’s ever used.

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