PlayStation announced on their blog today that 105 new games have been added to PlayStation Now. Most of them come from Capcom, and include classics from series like Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Street Fighter.

You can see the full list of new games on PlayStation’s blog. Most PlayStation Now games are old PlayStation 3 games that you can stream onto your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita. The streaming service is cloud-based and costs $19.99 for one month, or $44.99 for three months.

Not a lot of them are terribly family-friendly, but as the service expands (and it has over 250 games now) we could see more of the kid-friendly games from the PlayStation 3 show up there. A few that we like are on there though. Starwhal, which is a ridiculous multiplayer whale-fighting game, is available to stream.

Games from the Atelier roleplaying series are also available, and those are rated E10+ and T for Teen. There are also a lot of racing games, which are generally appropriate for all ages.

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