If you’ve been listening to our Gaming With the Moms podcast, you know that some of here at Pixelkin adore Neko Atsume, the extremely cute cat collecting game for iOS and Android. Good news! The game just got a big update, and now it’s in English. You’ll be able to switch languages at will if you enjoyed the Japanese version. Apparently the cats also have new official names, though you can still rename them, and there are some new names for toys and foods as well.

neko atsume snowballThe point of the game is to lure as many cats to your yard as you can. Cats will show up while you’re not looking, and stay around to play if they like the toys you’ve offered them. If they really liked a toy, they’ll reward you with silver and gold sardines so that you can buy more toys. Not unlike real cats, the Neko Atsume cats pretty much have you under their paw. Nobody minds though, because they’re just too cute.

Although the update is rolling out for iOS and Android, at least some iOS users are reporting that they can’t switch languages yet.


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