DNA Play is the latest app by Avokiddo, a developer who also designed a physics teaching game called ThinkRolls. DNA Play works by having children put together simple block puzzles to create the various aspects of a creature. Once you’ve got the basic creature in place, you can move around the “DNA strands” to change things like color, size, and even placement of limbs. After you’ve finished your creature you can interact with him by doing things like feeding him or going for a skateboard ride.

“We want to inspire kids and encourage them to ask questions, push the limits of their imagination and show them how to inquire through experimentation,” said Vagelis Katsantonis, co-founder and creative director of Avokiddo in an official release.

The release says the app is ideal for children 6–9 years of age, but I think younger kids could learn something here as well. Putting together puzzle pieces and seeing what happens is something my daughter has been enjoying for more than a year now. I’m eager to put this app in front of her. I can already hear the “Mommy look what I made” coming out of her mouth.

Initial reviews of the game have been positive. In the official release, teacher and occupational therapist Jo Booth said, “There is a big controversy on when and how to present certain subjects of studies. We wait…and wait…and wait, and then wonder why kids are having such a hard time retaining the massive amount of material when subjects are eventually broached. Avokiddo is showing that it is never too early to start, and laying down foundations in early learning may just set pathways of understanding in motion.”

DNA Play is available for both iOS and Android for $2.99. Look for a more detailed description in an upcoming episode of Ana’s Apps.

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