It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion: a game update actually got finished early.

King’s Fall, which is the final raid in Destiny’s Taken King expansion, is getting updated with a hard mode a full week earlier than planned. Hard Mode for King’s Fall will be available on October 23, at 10 am Pacific Time.

In the official post on Bungie’s blog, they recommended that if you’re tackling the Hard Mode you’ll want Light between 300 and 320. In return you can expect drops between 310 and 320.

Light is a Destiny attribute that increases the amount of damage your character, called a Guardian, does to enemies. Light can be increased by getting better equipment, including armor and weapons. Since the big bad of King’s Fall is Oryx, the Taken King himself, nice equipment is a must.

The good news comes along with the disappointing news that a bug has put Destiny’s Trials of Osiris on hold. The bug in question allowed players to exploit the game, making it unfair and unfun–unless you were a Nightstalker who could fire unlimited Shadowshot arrows, in which case, multiplayer must have been a ball for you.

“We’re going to disable that bug before we invite you to take your next run at a 9-0. We’re also working on a final fix for the bug itself as soon as possible,” the post said. Bungie will update players as soon as they have an idea when the Trials of Osiris could return.

Trials of Osiris is a weekend event that came with Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion. The event pits teams of three against each other. The trials end when a team gets nine wins or three losses. A perfect 9-0 record results in exclusive rewards.

It’s been reported that the team is also looking at the rewards for Nightfall raids and considering how to rebalance them. The drops for Nightfall raids had been changed with The Taken King, and players no longer receive reputation boosts for completing the raid. This left players feeling unsatisfied. Official numbers for Nightfall rewards can be found in the patch notes when they are released, and we’ll discuss them here too.

Good luck, Guardian!

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