Just Dance: Disney Party 2 will come out on October 20, 2015 in the U.S. Ubisoft announced the news in a press release today, along with the complete track list for the game.

If you’re more a fan of the Disney classics like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, or Mulan, this game is not really meant for you. The songs featured in Just Dance Disney Party 2 are pulled from The Disney Channel’s TV shows and movies.
Here are the new tracks revealed today:

  • “Austin & Ally” (“A Billion Hits”)
  • “Austin & Ally” (“Can You Feel It?”)
  • “Austin & Ally” (“Me & You”)
  • “Descendants” (“Be Our Guest”)
  • “Girl vs. Monster” (“Had Me @ Hello”)
  • “I Didn’t Do It” (“Time of Our Lives”)
  • “Liv and Maddie” (“Better in Stereo”)
  • “Liv and Maddie” (“You, Me and the Beat”)
  • “Liv and Maddie” (“What a Girl Is”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (“Right Where I Wanna Be”)
  • “Violetta” (“Hoy Somos Más”)

And here are the tracks that we already knew about:

  • “Austin & Ally” (“Chasin’ The Beat of My Heart”)
  • “Descendants” (“Did I Mention?”)
  • “Descendants” (“Rotten to the Core”)
  • “Descendants” (“Evil Like Me”)
  • “Descendants” (“Set it Off”)
  • “Girl Meets World” (“Take on the World”)
  • “K.C. Undercover” (“Keep It Undercover”)
  • “Teen Beach Movie” (“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”)
  • “Teen Beach Movie” (“Falling for Ya”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (“That’s How We Do”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (“Gotta Be Me”)
  • “Teen Beach 2” (“Twist Your Frown”)
  • “Violetta” (“En Mi Mundo”)

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is sure to be a big hit at preteen sleepovers, so if you’ve played frequent host to those, get ready to have the above songs played loudly on repeat in your living room.

Interestingly, Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is not being released on PlayStation 3 or 4. This game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Wii only. You can read more about the game on Ubisoft’s official website.

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