GameTruck and Nintendo are partnering up to bring Super Mario Maker to birthday parties across the country.

Super Mario Maker will be on the go starting September 18. The game itself comes out on September 11 and will be in over 100 Game Trucks.

Game Truck is exactly what it sounds like: A huge truck that comes to events and has screens and consoles in the back, making it a “mobile gaming theater.” Each truck comes with a couple game coaches to walk you through the experience, making sure there are no technical hang-ups. This summer was the “Summer of Splatoon” for the company, which trotted out Splatoon-themed trucks to reportedly 5,000 parties and 1,500 private events.

With the Super Mario Maker party truck, players will be able to play levels actually designed by Nintendo, as well as many more. During the party experience, players will be able to make their own levels, the best of which could be used in future Game Truck parties. And once a month, Game Truck and Nintendo will choose their favorite levels to be featured on the Nintendo website.

You can learn how to register for a Game Truck party at the Game Truck website. Some of the games you can try out with Game Truck include Halo Reach, Skylanders: Trap Team, Super Mario 3D World, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Super Mario Maker, which comes out for the Wii U this week, lets players use Nintendo assets to create their own Super Mario Bros. levels. It also has a social component, letting users find levels built by others and play them. You will also be able to download the levels and customize them yourself, remixing to suit your own tastes. If players don’t really like designing levels, that’s fine too, since there will be hundreds of downloadable levels to choose from.

You can watch a sneak peek of Super Mario Maker right here.

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