The awesome ink-shooting turf-grabbing kid-squidding game Splatoon for Nintendo Wii U is hosting another Splatfest. This time the two teams going head-to-head are the Autobots and the Decepticons from the popular Hasbro-owned franchise Transformers

In Splatfests, players from a particular region (North America, Europe and Oceania, or Japan) get the opportunity to ally themselves with one of two teams. Then, during a specific time period, players are matched up in online Turf War based on the allegiance they chose. Whichever team performs better across the entire region wins the Splatfest. Players who are on the winning side (even if they lost their individual matches) are rewarded with Super Sea Snails.

As Nintendo writes on the official Splatoon website, “You won’t be able to change your team once you pick, so look deeply inside your soul before devoting yourself to a team. Or you could just flip a coin or something.” This Splatfest will last for the full 24 hours of Saturday, August 29 (EST).

Roller Coasters versus Water Slides splatfest

Roller Coasters versus Water Slides

Nintendo usually chooses rival topics that are pretty universal and non-commercial. So far, Splatoon has hosted three Splatfests in North America, and its teams have been cats versus dogs, marshmallows versus hot dogs, and roller coasters versus water slides. In other regions of the world, they’ve had different team pairings. For instance, in Europe and Oceania, they’ve had North Pole versus South Pole and Eating versus Sleeping.

However, Japan recently hosted a Splatfest with Kirin Lemon Tea versus Kirin Milk Tea. Kirin is a popular drink brand in Japan. This, plus the upcoming Transformers Splatfest and last year’s Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC, seems to be indicating a change in Ninendo’s advertisement policies. If they continue to include product placement in their games, I hope they do it with some class. Time will tell.

Lemon Tea versus Milk Tea splatfest

Lemon Tea versus Milk Tea

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