Don’t worry, it’s not what it sounds like. This isn’t an expansion to add more opportunities for “WooHooing.” You might find this either reassuring or disappointing, depending on your personal Sims goals, but regardless, the expansion sounds pretty cool.

The Sims 4: Get Together will add an entirely new world for the Sims, called Widenburg—sort of a mini-Europe. It will have scenic neighborhoods, a traditional countryside, a bustling town square, a modern business district, and even an exclusive private island. The official description for the expansion reads, “Explore picturesque landmarks like the sprawling hedge maze at the garden chateau, alluring pools at the bluffs, and the mysterious ancient ruins. Grab a delicious espresso from the barista at the café, chat up your crush at the pub, and dance all night at the discotheque. Get together for exciting group activities like foosball, midnight bonfires, super-secret dance parties, and more! Sims can also join different clubs with distinct personalities and styles to meet new Sims and live it up!” There will also be a bunch of new outfits for your Sims to try on in their new walk-in closet.

Evidently Widenburg is a great place to socialize, hence the “Get Together” moniker.

THE SIMS the sims 4: get together

The Sims 4: Get Together is not yet rated. It’s available for pre-order on PC and Mac and will be released this coming November. You’ll need to have the Sims 4 installed. Get Together is an expansion, rather than a game unto itself. We reviewed the Sims 4 when it  came out, coming to the widely agreed-upon conclusion that it was a great game, but felt somewhat empty—something Get Together, along with other expansion packs—will hopefully change.

And just in case you were excited for the potential for more WooHoo opportunities, Maxis reassures us that if your Sims are “feeling frisky” they can “sneak into the closet for a little WooHoo while no one’s watching.”

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