The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack will come with 3 different spas (and a gym!) where your Sims can hang out, get a massage, have fun in a mud bath, or even “woohoo”—a thinly veiled Sims euphemism for sex—which might raise a few eyebrows for parents.

Woohoo-ing is pretty tame in the grand scheme of things, and usually consists of two Sims disappearing under a blanket and giggling for a few seconds. We’re not sure how it will play out at the spa, but rest assured there will be no overt nudity or raunchy material in the T rated game.

The expansion will also add a new Wellness skill for your Sims to hone. Wellness can be increased by doing Yoga, giving massages, or meditating.

The Spa Day Game Pack will be released on July 14.

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