Courtney and Simone are back with the third installment of their Splatoon Let’s Play. So far they’ve been doing pretty great, finishing a whole section of the game in each video!

Well, that was before Splatoon introduced invisible platforms.

Simone is back behind the controller this time, struggling under Courtney’s tutelage. It starts out a bit rough but by the end of the level she’s soaring along on ink-lines and almost never jumping over cliffs to her death.

Splatoon is Nintendo’s newest IP. The single-player campaign enlists the player, a squid kid, in a battle against the Octarians who have stolen the source of the squids’ electricity. You have to play through a series of challenging levels to recover the Zapfish, a strange fish that generates electricity.

One interesting thing that Courtney and Simone observed in this Let’s Play is that there are parts of Splatoon’s single-player mode that actually work well with two people. In a level where Simone had to sneak past the dangerous Flooders, Courtney was able to look at the map on the GamePad and tell Simone how to avoid them. It’s something you can do as a single player, but it was more fun as a teamwork moment.

For Nintendo, Splatoon is a definite success. It pushed the Wii U over the 10 million units sold mark after its release and sold over a million copies within a month of its release.

On August 5, Splatoon will receive an update that ups the multiplayer level cap to 50 instead of 20 and adds new game modes. Private Battle and Squad Battle both focus on creating new ways for friends to play together or against each other in Splatoon’s multiplayer. These additions are welcome innovations to a game that thrives on fun, fast-paced multiplayer matches.

New weapons and outfits will also be introduced.

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