Simone and Courtney take on the second stage of the Splatoon single-player campaign. This time Courtney takes the GamePad and shows us how to navigate by sponge-hopping and the best tactics for defeating speedy Octarians. The two also managed to find almost all of the hidden story scrolls.

Splatoon is Nintendo’s newest original concept. In the single-player story mode, squid kids (called Inklings) are pitted against the evil Octarians. The Octarians have stolen the Inklings’ Zapfish, which provides electricity to the Inkling capital Inkopolis. Courtney and Simone have a little debate about why the Inklings can’t just share the Zapfish and resolve this world’s energy crisis, but it’s fine. There’s paintballing to do.

These levels introduce new kinds of enemies and obstacles. There are sponges that inflate as you shoot them with paint. You can swim through them to reach different parts of the level, but if an enemy shoots them enough, they’ll shrink back down and you’ll fall off. Speed is the key.

There are also fans that lift platforms when you shoot them and cause them to spin. We found quite a few secret areas under these moving platforms, so next time you play single-player, keep an eye out for what’s below.

The Spreaders were also introduced this level. These are moving ink spreaders that cover large swathes in the enemy’s ink color. If you swim and shoot fast you can outrun them. But you can also, Courtney taught us, ride on top of them! This was another great strategy for finding hidden stuff.

This section of the game also introduces a level that’s similar to Turf War, the multiplayer mode of Splatoon. Instead of covering ground in your paint color, you simply have to reach the end of the level and free the Zapfish. But those Octarians are pretty fast, so it’s harder than it looks.

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