The next Disney Infinity character is in your hands! The Disney Infinity Player’s Pick started today, which means Disney is holding a vote on what character they’re going to be introducing next to Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity’s bread and butter is its Play Sets, which come with characters, storylines, and Toy Box goodies all based on a single theme like Star Wars or Marvel. But not every franchise is, shall we say, Play Set-worthy. With older Disney films especially (and sorry, I’m talking the 1990s here) we’re much more likely to see individually packaged figures of single characters than we are to see a whole Play Set. Sometimes these solo characters are included in Toy Box Bundles with other one-shot figures.

Disney is also taking comments and suggestions for more characters, because of course they are. Everyone loves figurines, no matter how much we try deny it.

Twenty characters are in the running for this vote, but looking at the current results, there is one very clear front-runner. And this is a very, very good thing. 


Mabel from Gravity Falls is currently commanding a strong lead.

The Clear Lead

Mabel Pines, at the time of my voting, is commanding 57% of the 127,8671 vote total. That probably counts as a small army. Mabel is one of the main characters of Gravity Falls, an intensely popular but simultaneously niche show that airs on Disney XD.

Gravity Falls follows the adventures of twins Mabel and Dipper Pines who are spending the summer with their great-uncle in the small Oregon town of Gravity Falls. Spooky supernatural stuff keeps going down, and family mysteries are uncovered along the way. 

I love this show, and I love Mabel. She’s a bright, funny, loveable character who cares deeply about her family and doesn’t care what people think of her. Plus she always wears cool sweaters. For now, it looks like she’s in it to win it.

Darkwing duck

Darkwing Duck is broody and mysterious.

The Nostalgia Factor

On Mabel’s heels with 22% is Darkwing Duck who, I admit, was a very attractive bad boy in my confusing ’90s-haze childhood memories.

Disney Infinity, as much as it is meant to be a kid’s game, isn’t just enjoyed by kids. Adults love it, they collect figures, and they wield frightening voting power. These adults will be voting for Darkwing Duck, though at the moment it looks like a traitorous few are throwing their lot in with Cruella de Vil (a much-hated character of my youth who is now my fashion icon).

So who will it be? And why the heck isn’t anyone voting for Kim Possible? Check out Disney Infinity’s poll here, and tell us who you voted for in the comments!

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