Nintendo has won yet another patent lawsuit, this time against Quintal Research Group, a patent-assertion company in Oakland, California. The judge ruled that the eight handheld systems named in the lawsuit—including Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance—do not infringe on Quintal Research Group’s patent. The Ninendo patent lawsuit was dismissed. 

Devon Pritchard, Nintendo of America’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Business Affairs, said that Nintendo is “very pleased to have this case dismissed. The result in this case continues to prove that Nintendo will vigorously defend its innovations against patent lawsuits and will not pay to settle cases simply to avoid litigation. Nintendo continues to support patent reform efforts that reduce the unnecessary and inefficient burden cases like this one placed on technology companies in the United States.”

Quintal is “a patent-assertion company run by the named inventor of the asserted patent, who is also a patent lawyer,” according to Nintendo.

Nintendo won another big patent lawsuit in May.


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