Nintendo recently won a patent case over their Wii Balance Board technology. Ithica Ventures and Ithica Development sued Nintendo in 2013, claiming the technology used in the balance board infringed on their patent. But Nintendo won the fight. Ithaca withdrew its case after a German court found that their patent did not cover the Wii Balance Board. 

Ithica Ventures and Ithica Development will pay Nintendo’s legal fees. Nintendo released a statement from Nintendo of America’s Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Richard Medway:

“Nintendo will vigorously defend its innovations against patent lawsuits, and will not pay to resolve meritless accusations, no matter whether the case is filed in the United States or elsewhere.”

Balance boards in general have been used for a long time. Usually they are used for fitness and not gaming. Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board is used for both. The board has been available as a Wii accessory since 2007. The balance board is primarily used for Nintendo’s Wii Fit games, which try to blend exercise and gaming in a way that appeals to a wide audience. The games involve a virtual trainer who helps the player through various exercises. The Wii Fit Trainer was also released as part of Nintendo’s line of Amiibo figurines.

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