Amazon is partnering with Sanboxr, a 3D printing company, to make 3D figurines of video game characters. (There are a ton of other things the company can also print, but we’re of course mostly interested in the video game stuff.) Let’s back up a bit though—these figures are not Toys to Life, like amiibos or Skylanders or Disney Infinity are. Toys to Life specifically means that a toy also has technology embedded that will allow you to use that character in a game (among other things). These Amazon figures aren’t digitized—they’re just toys.

There’s nothing wrong with just toys, of course. Kids have been enjoying colorful bits of plastic since the invention of plastic, and before that they played with anything else they could get their hands on. Just don’t be fooled—these Amazon figurines may look like Toys to Life figurines, but you’ll be disappointed if your kid expects to be able to hook them up in their Skylanders game.

So far the service will only print toys from three different video game properties: Smite, Infinity Blade, and Primal Carnage. These games are rated T for Teen, 12 & up (Infinity Blade is a mobile game), and—you guessed it—M for Mature. Though Primal Carnage has dinosaurs, so even if you’re not okay with your kids playing the game, the figurines are still pretty neat. You’ll also be able to personalize your figures.

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