Tomorrow (July 1), Nintendo will be adding a new play mode called Tower Control to its game Splatoon for Wii U. Tower Control will be a part of Ranked Battle, which is accessible only to players who have reached a level 10 or higher in Regular Battle.If you haven’t played Splatoon yet, seriously consider trying it out. You play as a half-kid half-squid (called an Inkling) who shoots ink through various kinds of squirt guns. In single-player mode, which is a lot like the Super Mario games, you fight against the evil octarian army. When you play online, you get to battle with teams of other Inklings to claim turf.

Splatoon’s online gameplay has two main modes: Regular Battle and Ranked Battle. Ranked Battle is more intense than Regular Battle. It ranks players with a letter grade from A+ to C-. Both Regular Battle and Ranked Battle have their own gameplay rules. Currently, the only game mode available in Ranked Battle is called Splat Zones, in which two teams of four compete to cover a small area of a shared map in their team’s color ink.

Tower Control, the brand-new Ranked Battle mode, will be a little different. Teams will fight to control a moving tower. The tower will move toward your enemy’s base—as long as you maintain control. When the tower arrives at the base, the match is over.

It’s great that Splatoon is continuing to release new gameplay modes like Tower Control. Splatoon is an exciting, family-friendly alternative to shooter games like Call of Duty. You can read our review of the game here.

Tower Control becomes available at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time).

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