PlayStation Vue, which had a limited launch in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, is now expanding to Los Angeles and San Francisco. As of June 15, 2015, the app is available in those cities.

Vue is an online service that streams live television, movies, and sports, as well as offering catch-up content and unlimited DVR. Starting in July, Sony says that PlayStation Vue will offer à-la-carte channel selection. Viewers can pick and choose which channels they would like to pay for, doing away completely with the multi-channel bundles that have defined live television for years.

Currently, Vue offers three tiers of subscription packages. If you opt to go with a package, the service isn’t cheap; the first tier of programming $49.99 a month. According to the The Verge, Vue offers local programming as well as channels like Showtime.

There’s no contract, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can try a 30-day free trial, as well as get discounts on Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus, and a new Machinima channel. All told, Vue offers up to 85 channels.

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