All at once, virtual reality hardware is coming.

Following on the heels of recent announcements from Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive’s partnership with Microsoft, Sony has elaborated on what they’re hoping to accomplish with Project Morpheus.

Like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, Project Morpheus is a headset that immerses the player in 360 degrees of virtual reality. In Sony’s E3 press conference today, Sony said Project Morpheus will not just be a single-player experience. You will be able to join up to four other players in virtual reality—even if you’re all on the same couch.

Sony included this feature because they value the PlayStation’s ability to bring friends and family together.

A couple of VR games were mentioned during the talk. One was a game called Rigs, with players controlling robots in three-versus-three battles. On the heels of such an exciting announcement, a robot fighting game felt tired.

Still, Sony seems determined to make Morpheus worth what will probably be a hefty price tag (“several hundred dollars,” according to a Wired interview with Shuhei Yoshida). They emphasized that Project Morpheus will not be a requirement for PlayStation owners, but a choice—and it’s a choice that Sony wants you to make.

Both Project Morpheus and Oculus have discussed a few of their upcoming virtual reality games. HTC Vive has yet to announce what games it will support.

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