Hello everyone. Your own personal digital assistant Cortana is coming to Android and iOS in a new app. Cortana has always been a Windows thing, originating as an AI character in the Halo series. And now she’s an AI in our lives…hmm. The new app will let you sync Cortana across platforms, but there are still some things she won’t be able to do on non-Windows devices.

Just when you’re recovering from Disney Infinity 2.0, 3.0 is on the way! The new Disney Infinity will introduce a Star Wars Play Set starter pack, with characters like Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, who kids will know from the Clone Wars TV series. The Starter Pack will be $64.99. Disney Infinity 3.0 will also have a Play Set based on the new Pixar movie, Inside Out. As usual Disney Infinity is a wild mash-up of everything Disney.

My favorite browser game ever, Fallen London, is being released on iOS devices later this year. Fallen London is a text-based game with beautiful art. It puts the player in an alternate version of London that has been stolen by mysterious forces and now exists underground. It’s a little creepy, a little whimsical, and endlessly fascinating. It’s also perfect for a mobile game, and we’re looking forward to its release. Read the full story at Pixelkin.org.

In less than great news, a Canadian teenager has pleaded guilty to charges of public mischief, extortion, and criminal harassment for swatting several people over the course of last year. Swatting is when a harasser makes a call about a fake crime at the address of their target. Often the crime is something serious like kidnapping or a bomb threat. The goal is to bring a SWAT team down on the target to terrorize them. Police departments have had trouble dealing with online harassment before, so it’s a relief to see this case being brought before a court.

The makers of Lumosity have now brought their educational Lumikids apps to Android as well as iOS! LumiKids Beach and LumiKids Park are both free and you can download them right now. Our own Nicole Tanner featured LumiKids Park on her series Ana’s Apps, and you can check out her playthrough right here.

No more Adults Only games for Twitch streamers! The streaming service Twitch.tv has banned AO-rated games from streaming. The rule doesn’t apply to games that aren’t rated by the ESRB—so a game that is 18+ under Europe’s PEGI system or Japan’s CETA system will still be streamable. Not a lot of games are rated AO because the ESRB saves it for only the most ultra-violent or ultra-sexual video games. Read more about Adults-Only games at Pixelkin.org.

If you’re looking for gaming recs, look no further than our summer gaming list. It has games for every age group and a sweet checklist and conversation starters for each. You’ll find it at Pixelkin.org.

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