The Endless series of educational apps developed by Originator have become some of the most popular among the preschool crowd and their parents. Their latest app, Endless Spanish, is available on the iTunes App Store now.

The Endless Spanish app follows the same format as Endless Reader. However, this app uses Spanish words instead of English. The game starts by displaying a word. Then the games’ signature monsters run by and scatter the letters. Kids must drag the letters back into their appropriate place with the word. After that, the screen backs up to show a sentence. Once again, the monsters run by. But this time they scatter words instead of letters. Then kids must drag the words into the correct place in the sentence.

As with the rest of the series, the Endless Spanish app follows the word play with an animation featuring cute monsters doing something that illustrates the meaning of the word. In Endless Spanish, Originator has introduced a new monster character. We don’t know his name yet, but we do know that he’s great at busting piñatas and playing soccer.

The narrator correctly pronounces all of the Spanish words. But more importantly, the letters are pronounced with the sounds they make in Spanish. This teaches kids not only the pronunciation for Spanish, but also that the same letters can make lots of different sounds, depending on the language.

The Endless Spanish app can be downloaded for free. The initial download features six words. The cost to get the entire set of words is $4.99. If the previous apps are any indication, there will be more word packs released in the future.

After a first play session with the Endless Spanish app, my daughter seemed to be having a lot of fun. We’ll be taking a closer look in the next few days, but it seems like this game will be making an appearance in an upcoming Ana’s Apps.

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